Ken Lee's Buddy Seat

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My buddy Trish really likes to ride with her arms around me. But Henderson never really grapsed the concept of a "buddy seat". So - if you like riding with your buddy as much as I do, you'll just have build your own "buddy seat". Here's how I made mine...

The seat is from a '70's HD , all the padding and cover thrown away , I covered it with a 1" thick heavy duty foam and a vynil cover then the sheepskin , which is removeable for washing occasionally , the springs are from earlier buddy seat but when my girlfriend is on the back I have an extra pair of springs that fit under the seat , the top coil fits over a nut under the seat that holds the 'T bar' (Harley one) , the other end of the ''helper'' spring has an upside down 'U' bracket that fits over the main spring support spacer. It is quite comfortable two up but takes a little getting used to sitting halfway up the tank !!!