1931 KL 36862
Greg Boudin
Detroit, Michigan

Subject: KL 36862
   Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 14:35:40 -0500
   From: "John Corrick" 
     To: <dave@toyhouse.org>
Hi Dave--- A few years ago, I restored a '31 KL, and sadly, no longer own it. Greg Boudin in Michigan bought it. As you know , endeavoring to do a 'correct' restoration is quite a learning experience, and the knowledge is not soon lost. At least not all of it! Also, as I'm sure you're aware, there are quite a few points that are pretty fuzzy, due to lack of proper documentation.

One point is the generator bracket for the Autolite on the '31s. When I got mine, it had the Autolite on it and was secured with the cheesiest, hacksawed out bracket you've ever seen. I could have easily done better. I now believe that the funky bracket that I initially took off and threw in the corner was the one it came with! I've still got it, and would be willing to post pictures of it to this list if there is interest.

Another point that a few folks don't seem to be aware of is the correct method of attachment of the rear fender at the frame just behind the casting below the seat. There are two tabs on the fender that match two tabs on the frame casting. So you just put a bolt through it secured with a nut , and call it done. Right ? NOT ! 2 short bolts went in from either side into a round barrel with a hex in the center so you could hold it with a wrench.

The multi-jeweled dash lite cover that a lot of fellows are using was not a Henderson supplied part, but a period Automotive accessory that was used industry wide, and was a popular piece amongst the two wheeled crowd, as well.

And then there's the argument about which EA horn is 'correct' for '31. Should it be the one with small round holes arranged radially around the face, or the one with the little rectangular slots? I lean toward the one with the round holes, and I think I saw a pict in a piece of Henderson paper once. But who's to say that they didn't use both? Manufactures didn't have iron-clad control over a lot of the stuff that was out-sourced, so it's my belief that small variations occurred in most of the models in the early years throughout the industry.

I'm certainly not what I would call a "Henderson Authority", as I've only done one, but don't mind sharing what little I do know.

---John Corrick