From:Gene Harper
Subject:1915 Splitdorf magneto for sale Date:Sun Mar 20 10:15:50 2022
Have a complete Splitdorf EU 4 magneto, CCW rotation. I believe this is correct for 1915 Henderson. In looking at the 1915 literature it lists a Splitdorf magneto. Some images show what appears to be a Simms magneto, others show this magneto.

This magneto is complete and in very good condition. It does turn, but very stiff, I would be too at 107 years old! The only visible damage is a chip to the top of the distributor cap. All 4 of the insulated wire nuts are missing but are available.

$750.00 plus shipping.

WARNING: This magneto may not be approved by the leader of the Wolf Pack for Cannonball use as it is an ORIGINAL magneto.

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