From:George Dockray
Subject:RE: Sidecar Ident Date:Tue Feb 22 01:10:11 2022
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Well, from posting this on the AMCCA FB page, I've found that it's a "floater" sidecar designed in Australia, but built under license by Henderson from 20-23. Apparently an early Indian Chief, Scout or Super-X front wheel will fit as will a Deluxe or KJ front wheel. If there's anybody that has one of these that they would consider parting with or knows where I can get one, please let me know.

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The owner of the 1922 Deluxe that's nearly road ready has produced most of a sidecar that he's like to get refurbished enough to be road worthy and installed. I have looked all over the web and the only picture I can find of this chassis is one from the Barber Museum, but with no info about it. Can anyone identify it's manufacturer?

Also, will be looking for an original (hopefully) wheel w/ axle and fender.

Any help on any of the above would be appreciated,

Vancouver BC

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