From:Mark Hunnibell
Subject:Looking for Original or Reproduction Head/Tail Lights Date:Mon Jan 3 20:10:11 2022

I have attached part of an advertisement from a July 1920 issue of Motorcycle Illustrated for a VICTOR headlight and tail light. The advertisement mentions they are being fitted on Excelsior motorcycles and their appearance is identical to that I have seen on period 1919 Hendersons.

My question is if anyone has or knows the location of one or both (headlight preferred), whether used, NOS, or reproduction. I already have the "loop rods" that connect it to the fork head, but need the bowl assembly. Until today, I did not know the brand name, so I am hoping this makes it easier to identify the desired parts.

Any leads, public or private, would be much appreciated.

Mark Hunnibell

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