Subject:KJ cylinders early version vs. nut standard Date:Wed Oct 6 15:33:08 2021
Dear all,

I have questions regarding the KJ cylinders. Last year I bought a 1930 KJ project and I brought the powerplant to an expert in Switzerland for the overhaul. I remember that I checked the exhaust ports regarding any threads, there were none. Wife, house, children and work… I forgot about the missing threads.
Now, getting all the stuff together, a friend asked me: Jan, do you already have the exhaust nuts? Suddenly it came back to my memory!
I checked all exhaust ports, no thread. I compared my cylinders with other KJ‘s, not the same. I recalled a b/w picture showing a solution with set screws and I finally found it- instruction for the care and operation of the Henderson.

It seems that I have cylinders from very early KJs, there is no thread for the nut in the port and there are also no threads for the early version yet. I noticed the perfect condition when we disassembled the motor; maybe they have never been used (how should they as there is no chance to fix the exhaust pipes)… Dave mentioned that they might have been spare parts?

My questions.
1. What do you recommend to do:
a. have them threaded for the nut?
b. have them threaded for the set screw?

2. What size is the thread?
for a. and b.

3. In case there is an overwhelming feedback for 1.b.
Has anyone the details how to clamp the exhaust pipe? I don't have a matching picture...

I am not married with those cylinders (even though I spent a huge amount of money to get the engine ready (actually much more than for my wedding celebration!)- have the bill and pics available), if there is anyone who wants to get them, let's talk offline- I have a wishlist!
Thanks for your valuable input or nice stories about KJ cylinders!

Kind regards

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