From:Ken Lee
Subject:RE: RE: value of 1929 KJ Henderson compared to 1914 Indian 2 speed Date:Wed Sep 29 09:37:51 2021
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Garry ,
So long as both parties are happy with the deal/swap , then why does value have to come into it !!
Both bikes can be ridden anyway , one may take longer to get somewhere but what the hell , so long as you enjoy !! and that's what they are for !
I'm off on my 1904 'James H.Smith' this coming Sunday on 'The Pioneer Run' , only 50 miles but a great bike to ride , single speed no clutch . Epsom (just south of London to Brighton on south coast) usually about 300 pre 1915 bikes . great to ride whatever !
Good luck with whatever you decide , both bikes are lovely to ride !!
best wishes , Ken

That depends on whether you want to ride it or look at it.

What is the value of an older restoration 1929 KJ Henderson compared to an original paint 1914 Indian twin 2 speed. Is it a fair swap or which is worth more?

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