From:Robert Colavechio
Subject:Looking for 29 KJ? Date:Mon Sep 27 14:56:27 2021
Bit of a long shot but why not right? The picture is of my Grandfather and what would have been his new bike in 1929. Best I've been able to narrow it down is to a Henderson KJ based on the picture being dated and talking with older family members years ago. I know he got rid of it in 36 for a Harley with a side car when my dad was born. He died in 46. Riding skipped a generation in my family, me being the only one to do so now, so it has become this odd connection with a man I missed meeting by 42 years.

Anyway, I'm looking for one these days, if there's one out there to be found. Or if I'm completely wrong about what kind of bike it is maybe someone can help me narrow it down further.



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