From:Tom Wilcock
Subject:RE: RE: Wheel color for KJ Date:Sun Aug 1 06:37:30 2021
Response to:7625

The Centari blue paint color I got from Jay is number 77162A1.
Centari is no longer available so the paint store mixed it in
Nason single stage urethane for me. The color was way off so I
went through color charts and found one that was close to the
Centari color. The number number I used is BS444 IS. It is
called Spectramaster Blue. I am sure the original paints varied
in color and aged original paint is not the same color as it was
when new.

Chunk --- you could try John Pierce ColorWrit. I got paints from
him for an
Excelsior and it matched an NOS fender and wheel I had very well.

------------ Bob Turek

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