From:Rick Yamane
Subject:Need a couple of Ace parts Date:Tue Jul 20 18:01:27 2021
We had the Hillsborough Concours this past weekend and was a little disappointed. The Ace was probably the most popular bike there but we lost points on a couple of rule technicalities, enough to put us out of the running.

Back in the shop to correct some issues. We have a Simms C4 magneto, I'm looking for a distribution cap. The one I have works fine but has a broken tower.

I also unfortunately broke the ramp on the kick start mounting flange. It looks like it had been repaired once before as there is some brazing evident and there is an area that looks like it's been cracked for a long time. Anyway I would like to find one. I think we can probably get one CNC'd and since the cases are painted it shouldn't be too obvious but a genuine part would be desirable.


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