From:Rick Yamane
Subject:We have a runner but........ Date:Wed Jun 30 12:42:27 2021
The Henderson is up and running. The rewiring was a snap, no puddles of oil and it sounds good.

But, the kickstarter is still jamming up. The gearbox was bad and broken gear bits were jammed in the bevel gears. The symptoms are similar but not the same. Now, If I help the engine turn via a socket on the countershaft and pressure on the kick starter the lever will move and I can continue to use it until I stop and the lever is left in it's "parked" position for a few moments. Then it feels like it is locked solid.

If I disengage the clutch the lever moves freely.
I can hold the lever down, release the clutch and it works until I stop again.

Mark Hill had mentioned to me about concentricy of the kickstart assembly and the gearbox cluster shaft. I'm hoping to hear any opinions or experiences from others on this. I didn't do anything that would change the centerline of the shafts through the cases, at least not that I can think of.

On a unrelated issue, has anyone bushed the clutch pedal pivot? Our pedal is pretty loose and floppy. It works fine but has bothered me since Chris first bought the bike. Just wondering if it is worth doing and are there any pitfalls to be aware of. There would be two ways I could approach it. The easiest would be to simply bore the frame lug and the separate pedal hold down pawl and make a single bush going the full width. The other way would be to bore the lug with the pawl removed and make two bushings that go in either side, leaving the hole through the pawl original.

Thanks in advance!

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