From:Thomas Fickau
Subject:RE: KJ Gasoline pipe assembly complete Date:Tue May 18 18:55:00 2021
Response to:7572
From what I can see in the 3 pics you sent me it looks as
if your bike is running a Linkert carb with possibly an
adaptor plate bringing it from stock 2 bolt configuration
to accept a 3 bolt but......I can not tell this from the
angle of the few pics you sent and little to no
accompanying documentation the pics.
IF......any of this is true or partly true you are
looking at custom line to get you by. Which can be done
but, I would need to know what size & thread pitch is of
the bowl you are running. Not sure what you have is the
same as the stock Schebler Carb. Not sure are
using an adaptor how far out that pushes the carb from
where a stock carb would naturally rest. Yes, there is
some give in the line but, it can't be moved a country
mile and still be expected to fit "Peel & Eat" style like
my parts are known to be.
Get back with me.

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