From:Thomas Fickau
Subject:RE: KJ Gasoline pipe assembly complete Date:Tue May 18 12:22:43 2021
Response to:7573
Depending on what yours looks like I can either repair it you with a new one. I just made another
short run of them. I had 3 factory N.O.S. lines to use as
my pattern and fit to a real '29 KJ to check clearances.
Be aware that depending on what you have there, it is
SOMETIMES more expensive to repair original than purchase
You can contact me off the Exchange and we can discuss and
exchange a few pics that way to figure out what is the best
way to proceed for you and your project.
Tom Fickau

I am looking for a Gasoline pipe assembly complete,
part# KJ-529 for a 29 KJ or any ideas to repair one.


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