From:graeme staples
Subject:RE: Looking for some brake parts for a '19 Date:Sun May 16 05:22:34 2021
Response to:7561
is it the same as 1918? if so i can take some photos with
that you can find a simple program on line and get a 3d
image, with that you can print on identical and there's
even options for adding say a small amount to make a mold
that allows for shrinkage, and cast one up that will be
identical to an original,

Hi All,
I'm looking to complete my 1919 project and need a few
small parts.
There is a Belcrank that mounts under the frame and
allows the brake rod from the front to join to the two
rods on the brake (External and Internal). I need that
part or a sketch with dimensions if I can't find the
Also, I'll need the rods and clevis ends.
Unfortunately mine didn't come with them.
If I had dimensions, I could make them up myself.
Also, if anyone has the internal brake shoes, I'd be
I have more than one pic, but the post only allows one
per post.

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