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Subject:RE: RE: Kj cam needed Date:Sun May 9 13:24:48 2021
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He is doing my 31 motor. Long time project but not his fault. Lost my job some years back and had to tell him to stop. Back working now in a much better place financially and hoping to get er done. It has been a fiasco of problems. Frame needed to be taken apart in places and new parts made. Bill Miller agreed to do it and then he passed away so I found a different frame that I could do myself. All I have left to finish it is neck bearing races. Then all the little stuff like having the brakes relined, fitting everything together, paint, and whatever I am not thinking of right now. It almost seems like God doesn't want it finished until I retire........
Good to hear from you!
Chris Gans

Hey Dave,

Last time we talked, you had sold your DeLuxe. What are you working on now?

Dave of the nice warm south

Hi all, I have not been very active on the exchange for a while. Would anyone by chance have a usable or close to it kj camshaft they would part with by any chance? It looks like the one I was planning on using was reground wrong.
Thanks in advance,
Dave of the great white north

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