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Subject:RE: Looking for some brake parts for a '19 Date:Thu May 6 18:40:47 2021
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It has been a long time since I looked at this question. Ultimately, I was preparing my 1919 for a long-distance ride and was not comfortable with the stock brakes. So I had some rims built on old Honda hubs with internal drum brakes for both front and rear.

The stock brakes on the 1919 are pretty funky affairs.

I still have my original hub (with internal and external rebuilt brake shoes and "asbestos" bands) and I think, if I look for them, the original bellcranks. The important thing is that for the 1919 model, that brake system is a real Frankenwerks. The linkages and clevises that are connected to the internal brake drum are the same as the 1918 Henderson. But the linkages and clevises that are connected to the EXTERNAL band are 1919 Excelsior parts. There are "long" clevises and "short" ones. The 1918-1919 Parts book lists them. I don't recall, but I think the internal shoe Henderson linkage is 5/6" diameter rod, while the external band Excelsior linkage is 3/8" rod.

I have attached a (poor) photo of my original internal shoe linkage where you can see someone used a machine screw instead of a pin in the clevis. The key difference in the Henderson vs. Excelsior clevises is that the Henderson clevises are cylindrical with a larger spherical "ball" on the end through which the slot is milled and then the pin hole cross-drilled. They are quite a thing of beauty. The Excelsior clevises are simpler affairs... round on one end, but mostly squared off on the clevis end.

Hi All,
I'm looking to complete my 1919 project and need a few
small parts.
There is a Belcrank that mounts under the frame and allows the brake rod from the front to join to the two rods on the brake (External and Internal). I need that part or a sketch with dimensions if I can't find the part.
Also, I'll need the rods and clevis ends.
Unfortunately mine didn't come with them.
If I had dimensions, I could make them up myself.
Also, if anyone has the internal brake shoes, I'd be interested.
I have more than one pic, but the post only allows one per post.

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