Subject:RE: KJ clutch release lever questions Date:Mon Mar 1 12:50:16 2021
Response to:7537
Paul, I know your bike specifically. You can reach out for me. Yes, you currently
have ALL steel plates in the clutch. The only way to permantly fix the sticking
problem is to upgrade it to the modern Kevlar set-up.

Hi all, great site, enjoyed going through lots of great info and pictures.

I recently picked up a 30 KJ and am new to KJ's and 4's. I have sorted out i believe
most everything however it feels like the clutch plates (most likely original steel)
are dragging or sticking a bit still. Could someone help me please understand what
might be typical for the KJ -

1. Typical clutch release lever distance (currently mine is at 7/16" measured at the
2. Typical clutch release shaft movement (in/out of the case)

Appreciate the help

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