From:Thomas Fickau
Subject:RE: Deluxe Bevel gears Date:Wed Feb 24 20:22:50 2021
Response to:7535

I am the source of transmission gear sets from 1913 through
1931 for Henderson motorcycles. Please contact me off the
forumn (PM) and we can discuss further. The transmission
sets I supply have been used successfully for years during
numerous cross country Cannonball events.
Tom Fickau

P.S. I am also currently making another run of DeLuxe & KJ
clutch release shafts and for those of you who also happen
to own an ACE I have started a limited run of ACE/Indian
401 gear sets.

Hello, wondering if there is anyone with a new or decent
set of gears, or just the flywheel gear, or anyone making
these. thanks for any help

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