From:Bill Klein
Subject:RE: installing reverse gear on a de luxe Date:Thu Jan 21 09:39:00 2021
Response to:7510
You may or may not know that there are variations in the reverse gear system. There is a difference because of the tooth count on the countershaft gear and there are different idler shafts. One with a right hand thread and one with a left hand thread. I do now know the years these different parts were used. DO your homework.

Hello Rick
thank you so much for your photos , this is very helpful .
Yes I am interested by a set of gears , any idea of the time it could be done as we
are currently assembling the engine ?

I just sent an email with some photos. Let me know if you
have any questions.
If anyone else is interested let me know. We are also
probably going to look into getting a set of gears made by
a company called Borg Gear, they are local to us. If anyone
else might want a set let me know and we can look into
getting multiples done.


Hello Rick
thank you for your reply , could you send me a picture of
the different pieces even
if they are worn out to have an exemple ?

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