From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:A spritely age Date:Sat Jan 2 15:46:56 2021
Happy 2021.

I took my KJ for a ride today, as the mercury climbed to a balmy 56 degrees. Although I only went for about 30 minutes, I did get the New Year started off right.

Then I realized that the youngest of our Hendersons is now 90 years old, while the oldest is 109. My 1930 KJ is a spritely 91 years old. Spritely, I say, because she can still run at 70 mph, while the best I can do is about 4 mph.

In only 9 more years, she'll be 100 - and she'll still be able to get speeding tickets.

So keep those Hendersons running strong. Your motorcycle's centennial is just around the corner.

Happy New Year!
Dave Hennessey

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