From:Doug strange
Subject:RE: Ace Frame Parts Date:Wed Dec 9 17:15:24 2020
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Nate, is there an interesting story on these parts that you could share?

Hello all,

I have some original (OEM) Ace Motor Corp frame components that I will
not be using. I also have a set of NEW axle supports (2-piece stampings
just as the originals) that will be included with the lot. Iím not sure if the
same rules apply for parts vs. motorcycles for sale, so, my info is as

Nate Jacobs
Parts are in my shop in LaGrange, KY USA and can be inspected anytime.
I will not put my phone number on here as I get enough spam calls as it is...
if you want to speak with me directly, email me and I will happily give you
my cell number.

I am asking $2,500.00 for the lot of components with the axle plates
included. Thanks!


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