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Subject:RE: RE: RE: tig rod number for repairing cases Date:Tue Nov 10 08:50:51 2020
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I welded mine and they came out good. I put a lot of weld criss-crossing to build up the metal and then grinding it down to look like a original casting. Note I have not ran the motor but I built up the material over 1/4 inch with new material. I am also not a welder but went to welding school 40 years ago.

Dave Hennessey is completely correct! I have been welding
for 40 years, I only work on my own and that makes me
nervous. The first pan I welded long ago twisted like a
pretzel (I still have it).
There is SO Much more than an alloy of the rod. A degree
in metallurgy doesn't hurt, you need special equipment
and above all you need a Lot of Experience.

You really, really don't want to do this yourself. When
you mess up these cases, you'll be out $10K or $15K or
$20K to buy another set. Good luck with that.

These aluminum castings are very porous, even more so
than vintage Harleys. They need to have all the oil
boiled out of them. They need to be preheated. They
need to be welded with the proper materials and

You need to find a specialist who has experience
repairing Henderson and Indian 4 cases. One such is
Arno's Custom Machine & Welding in Maryland. Telephone

Arno St. Denis has repaired my KJ cases and my Harley K-
model cases. He does a lot of Hen/Indian4 work. He's
also well known for fin repair on cylinders and heads. I
can't recommend him highly enough.

Another good place is The Restoration Shop in Virginia.
They specialize in casting repairs. Check them out: He did a Lock-N-Stitch
repair on my Harley KH cylinder.

These folks don't work for free, but you'll save yourself
a lot of money in the long run.

Hello, can anybody supply a tig or weld rod # to repair
cases,thanks for any Help.

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