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Subject:RE: RE: tig rod number for repairing cases Date:Fri Nov 6 09:09:24 2020
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I think welding is like tree-felling.

Anyone can fell a tree in the middle of an open field. But when the tree is hanging over your house, it's time to call a pro.


We use ALCO 4145

You can check it out on their website.

Your best bet is to send a pure sample piece of the case
to a welding material analysis lab and have it checked
for a composition print out. Odds are its an alloy that
does not exist. However, the Lab can make a educated
guess as to the following:

Pre heat "in a welding oven", it just can't be done
without an oven.

What alloy rod to use.

What mixture gas and what pressure to push the gas out of
the regulator

What duty cycle to use on a modern AC tig welder. Part
of the AC sine wave will pull containment to the surface
the other part of the wave will lay down the new weld.

Use a stainless steel burr to remove the carbon that
floats to the top of the weld puddle. Let the puddle
solidify and grind out the contaminate. Be prepared to do
this a lot.

Make sure your welder is a minimum of 250 amps depending
on the thickness of the casting you are going to need the
horsepower this combined with the welding oven temp will
really help with the process.

Use of fixtures is advisable it will warp no matter how
good you are trick is to hold it to a minimum.

Even if you choose to sub out the welding this
information should help.

Its not black art it science and skill. We have saved
hundreds of castings and only were unable to not repair
one Henderson Deluxe oil pan through out the years.

A subsequent evaluation of that pan found the level of
cooper was so high in the alloy it was deemed un

Good luck.

Hello, can anybody supply a tig or weld rod # to repair
cases,thanks for any Help.

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