From:Doug feinsod
Subject:RE: Overheating Date:Fri Oct 23 17:57:10 2020
Response to:7404

I have a 1928 Deluxe. It has been rebuilt using new Ross
pistons, new valve guides, new valves, a hot rebuilt
Simms mag and a Zenith carb with the new idle mixture
adjuster. The timing is correct,valve adjustments are
right on. Idle mix is set according to Zenith
instructions. I pressure tested each cylinder as I
installed the valve plugs, with no leaks. The bike starts
easily, idles smoothly and runs well going down the road.
My problem is that it runs hot. After a quick 5 mile
ride, the temp measured at the center bolt hole varies
from 360 F to 411 F taken with an infrared thermometer.
I welcome your advice.

Charlie, you aren't listening.
Throw your specs & timing light way! Drive it and tune it
by feel!
I have seen your problem too many times!

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