From:Pete Marcoux
Subject:RE: 1924 Henderson Deluxe Four ///Price $17,000 Date:Sat Oct 17 14:25:53 2020
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Hi, does it still for sale?
Best regards
This is a rare older original restoration. Small optical
defects on the tank. Older scratches etc. On the front
fender and other places. Zenith carburetor, Henderson
headlights and Stewart speedometer: model no. K 518.
Sidecar appears in good structural condition with vinyl
button upholstery.

Rims / Tires: Rims appear structurally in good condition,
tires moderate to good.

Engine / gearbox: engine appears complete and in good
condition. Odometer reading: 23.294 km.

Documents: Offered without documents or registration

Summary: In general good condition, detailed work and
gentle overhaul necessary.
Body: Appears to be an earlier restoration. Minor
blemishes to petrol tank. Old mark and scratches to front
mudguard and various places. Zenith carburettor,
Henderson headlamp and Stewart speedometer; model no. K
518. Sidecar appears structurally sound with black vinyl
button upholstery.

Wheels / tires: Wheel rims appear structurally sound;
tires average to good.

Engine / transmission: Engine appears complete and in
good order. Currently displaying 23,294 kms.

Paperwork: No history file or registration documents

Asking price $17,000

Peter Brown
Phone: 360-358-7245

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