Subject:RE: RE: Deluxe generator belt guard Date:Sat Sep 12 11:30:43 2020
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So here's how it goes when you want to try to recover your money after a failed transaction paid through PayPal.


August 17 purchase $133.95 via PayPal using my credit card.

August 25 email to vendor regarding the status of the order.

No response from the vendor.

August 27 email second status request.

No response from the vendor.

August 29 email to vendor requesting a refund.

No response from the vendor.

Case filed in PayPal's Resolution Center, attaching a vendor web site photo of the item and a screen shot of the credit card charge.

PayPal's procedure first requires the claimant to contact the vendor.

September 1 email to vendor requesting cancellation and a refund.

No response from the vendor.

September 1 email to PayPal regarding lack of communication from this vendor -- a fact mentioned more than once in this community.

PayPal's second step is for the claimant to "escalate" the claim by choosing that option in the Resolution Center.

Claim escalated.

Email then received from vendor's wife about being out but no offer of a refund.

After "escalation" PayPal offers no further options for the claimant. It indicates it will investigate the claim.

No ability to communicate further with PayPal. No email option offered. Waiting period.

September 11 email from PayPal that case closed in claimant's favor...but the refund may not show up on the credit card for 30 days making it close to a 2-month experience.

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