From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: Inspectionhole on 1922 De Luxe Date:Wed Sep 9 14:19:36 2020
Response to:7394
No, shouldn't be there. It was almost certainly put in by
someone who line bored the bearings for the gear counter
shaft. There's not much room between the last bearing and
the inside of the case so if the line boring machine had a
large support bracket for the boring shaft, it would have
had to go outside the crankcase - hence the hole to pass
the boring shaft through. At least it shows that someone
has worked on the bearings at some time in it's life -
probably did the crank bearings at the same time maybe?
I've seen a few Hendersons where this has been done. Ace
engines have the hole and cover as standard.

Hello Everyone
I have a Question we have here a Henderson 1922 De Luxe
It has a Inspectionhole with a cover over th sprocket in
the upper Case on Gearboxsite.Does anybudy know if this is
Original or is it Drilled later.
in my Books is a 1923 Prospekt that shows nothing.
Somebody told me it was serial up to 1922
Thanks a lot in Front for your help

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