From:Gregg Patten
Subject:RE: 1930 Henderson KJ Back on the market! Date:Thu Aug 6 21:58:36 2020
Response to:7370
Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest in my 1930 Henderson.
It is now sold and on its way to the new owner.

To Whoever might be interested;

I am the owner of a 1930 Henderson KJ project bike which I had posted for
sale on this website back in November 2017. See previous posts. I thought
I had it sold, but the buyer became sick and I let him out of the deal. I have't
tried to sell it since then, hoping to find some time to work on it, but with
owning my own business.....I don't see that happening. Thinking that I had
it sold, the bike is ready to be shipped to its new home and any loose parts
are boxed and ready also. Below is the original post on this site. I do have
a number of pics that I can send to any interested buyer. The price is the
same, $30,000.00 or best offer. I can be reached by e-mail at or by mobile phone at (608) 642-0945. Feel free to leave
a message. Thanks.



Hi Dave,

I happen to own a Henderson KJ that I have kept in storage and hoped to
restore one day. As frequently happens, life gets in the way of one’s plans
and I am looking to sell it. I have attached a few pics for anyone that might
be interested.

It was originally sold to me as a 1929 KJ model, but in comparing the serial
numbers on your website, it appears to be a 1930 model. It is fairly
complete which is why I bought it originally. It does need a generator and
the dash cluster. All the fins on the motor are there and the engine case
has never been broken.

The bike is from California and spent 40+ years in Pheonix, so it has little
rust on it other than from my storing it in Wisconsin. It also has the original
Schebler carb, but no carb cover. The vehicle # is: KJ33229. I do have a
title for the bike. It was last titled in 1973. According to the title, it is a
Henderson…..Model CI. I am not sure why they are calling it that as I am
somewhat familiar with Hendersons but have never heard of a CI

I am asking $30,000.00 for the bike, but would entertain reasonable offers
below that. Interested buyers can contact me by e-mail.

Also, thank you for your part in the Henderson Website and e-mail
exchange. I have followed it for years and have learned a lot from it.


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