From:David Dawson
Subject:RE: Original Paint 1914 Excelsior Sidecar For Sale Date:Mon Jul 27 10:34:44 2020
Response to:7353
Hello, Can you please email a photo
David Dawson

O.P. '14 Excelsior sidecar by Pullman. It has the sliding axle to widen the wheelbase to fit in car tire tracks. I had new dull leather upholstery installed, new wheel bearings, some new period correct bolts and a new G & J tire. Other than that it is all original. It has very old gray paint so I think it is correct for '13 through '17. But it bolts up to my '19X. I haven't triad to attach it to my '24 X but I believe it will fit that too. Cool old rig. Email me for pictures. $20,000

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