From:Rick Yamane
Subject:Revisiting Jamming Kickstarter Date:Mon Jun 29 13:38:08 2020
I mentioned this a few years ago but thought I'd toss it out there again to see if I could get a more definitive answer.

The kick starter on our Streamline occasionally jambs. It returns to the top but upon trying to use it again feels like a pawl or gear has lost synchronization and refuses to engage. This leaves the lever at the top of its stroke moving just about an inch before stopping dead.

Locking the clutch in it's disengaged position, the lever will go through it's full stroke and in any gear, providing the rear wheel is off the ground.

The problem will clear itself with a combination of turning the rear wheel and prodding of the kick starter but I have not noticed any real pattern.

The big question I have is, does anyone know what might be happening and is there any danger in riding the bike?
Having never seen the gearbox/clutch/engine train exposed and only in the factory drawings, I'm having a hard time figuring out exactly where the problem is. I assume it is simply worn components but have been unsuccessful in dealing with it in any external adjustments.

There is an evident weld suggesting that a repair was done at some point. Safe thing to do would be to pull the engine and investigate but as it is not an easy task we're trying to figure out if it is the only reasonable course.


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