From:Rick Yamane
Subject:RE: Parts offered to me. Date:Mon Jun 1 18:29:14 2020
Response to:7316

I received an email from a Paul Meehan (paul meehan
) claiming he has the parts I need
for my Henderson project.
Does anyone know him? I'm suspecting he's just another

Not Henderson but,
I had a guy contact me a few weeks ago on Suzuki RH67
parts. Turned into a complete bike. He apparently got my
name out of the VJMC magazine from Oct/Nov 2014. I played
along with him for a couple of weeks, he was asking
$10,500 for the bike and sent me photos pulled off the
Bonham's Las Vegas auction site of 2015. He had photo
shopped the frame and engine numbers and ran the story
about no personal pick up due to the Wuhan Virus and just
to wire the money to an account in "his daughter's" name
then he'd send the bike. Ha!
I turned the deal into the FBI. Normally would let it go
but he was trying to scam $10k. Haven't heard anything
since and may not but I have all of our emails saved
should the FBI follow up.

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