Subject:Deluxe front end Date:Sat May 16 07:24:44 2020
Well I am back at getting my front shock springs squeezed into the tube on my 1925 Deluxe .
I was going to put a removable distance piece on the shaft and then install the first spring. I was asking what should the length of the shaft that sticks out be so I can install the correct length distance piece that I will remove after the spring is loaded. I have another idea on squeezing the rest together with second spring installed ,the short one and getting the large fine tread cap screwed on to the tube. I am all ears for any different ideas on my approach to this job.
The bike is a very nice ride with attached sidecar but had no dampening on the front. When I removed the shock springs I found the two nuts were not tightened all the way to make the large washer hit the stop on the shaft. This of course would put a lot more compression on the spring.
Should the nut be tightened all the way to the stop on the shaft?
Thanks for the help

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