Subject:RE: Starting 1918 Henderson Date:Mon Apr 20 08:19:02 2020
Response to:7297
I start my early Hendersons this way, in 3rd gear, the
foot-starter jaws are small and fragile, unlike the later
Deluxe and KJ jaws. It is possible your magneto is
dragging, this happened to me. After you have checked what
what Doug, Peter, and Ken said, make sure the plugs are
out, turn over in 3rd gear, and if the brake is not
dragging...and your cylinder walls are not rusty from
sitting in a damp location for too long, your magneto may
be dragging.
Mark your magneto shaft location so you don't replace
180deg out of time, pop out the tapered pin on the shaft,
now spin the rear wheel. Any different?
The varnish on the magneto armature gets hot and melts,
and has little clearance to spin, if parked when very hot,
the varnish melts and gets sticky, and drags on the walls
having no clearance.
There is enough force by turning over and having your
magneto dragging, to do serious damage on your drive

I own a 1918 Henderson. To start it up I spin the rear
wheel with the bike in third gear. I went to spin the
wheel today and itís super hard to turn. I canít get the
wheel to spin fast enough to start the bike. I canít
figure out why all of a sudden itís hard to turn. Any
ideas why this is happening?

Thank you.

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