From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Cylinder Date:Tue Feb 25 18:40:26 2020
Response to:7276

I'm doing some concrete patching work right now, and it's really rough on my hands. I'm not sure I'm ready to bite.

I've used car cylinder heads as weights on a disk harrow and on a lawn aerator, but never used m/c cylinders as a rebar substitute.

I'm happy that no Hendersons were harmed in your F-I-L's foibles.


So no one has bitten on my story. The real truth is that I was removing a 2' by 4' concrete stub wall that was going to be in the way of my shelving unit and unearthed this at the bottom of the wall. Then I remembered that my Father-in-law had thrown in some m/c cylinders and flywheels as re-bar, I remembered the cylinders as Hedstroms though.
Hope everyone enjoyed it though.

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