Subject:RE: 1916 Intake Manifold Date:Mon Feb 10 05:04:35 2020
Response to:7260
the manyfold are realy hard too find for 1916 1 year only.
mathew Smith makes Repro for 1913-15 but not shure if he also makes it for 1916.
1917-19 manifolds are around and you can run a later dlx carb with is mutch better for rioding then the hx.
yes i know it is not the correct carb but i run it ----- ORIGINAL MESSAGE FOLLOWS -----
I'm in need of an intake manifold for my 1916 henderson. Also need the correct carb and the air shutter. I have some Deluxe stuff for horse-trading. And a nice OP '18/'19 tool box for horse-trade.

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