From:Darryl Cutter
Subject:RE: RE: KJ Decal & Pinstripe Placement Date:Thu Jan 9 05:28:43 2020
Response to:7238
Thank you Tom and Doug for responding. I poured over a lot of pictures on
the internet and in books. And I watched Leno's video's. I'm confidant that I'll
get it right at this point. One thing I do know for sure is how inconsistent
Henderson was on mechanical stuff. I'm sure it was the same with the
pinstripe and decals.
Thanks again, Darryl.

Try Jay Leno's website. He has a video of his very
original 1931 KJ,

My '29 KJ stuff is at the painters and I want to get the
fender tip "X" decals in the correct spot. That and the
shock canister decal. And I want to get the pinstripe
correct. Does anyone have an original paint KJ or KL that
could send me some pictures of their bike? There are
plenty of pictures of restored ones and there is some
variation in them. And there are differences in the fender
tip pinstripe in the ads and brochures.

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