From:Tom Wilcock
Subject:RE: KJ Decal & Pinstripe Placement Date:Tue Dec 31 07:41:52 2019
Response to:7237

My '29 KJ stuff is at the painters and I want to get the fender tip "X" decals in the correct spot. That and the shock canister decal. And I want to get the pinstripe correct. Does anyone have an original paint KJ or KL that could send me some pictures of their bike? There are plenty of pictures of restored ones and there is some variation in them. And there are differences in the fender tip pinstripe in the ads and brochures.

I am presently doing some work on my KJ and am almost ready to start the striping. Here is a page from Otis Spiker's bulletin about painting. It is what I am going by. I have an original yellow 19" wheel. It was dipped in the tank of paint and not sprayed. There is a thumb print on it from whoever handled the wheel before the paint was hard. This wheel has a blue stripe around each side. Otis says the KJ wheels were not striped but this is proof that some were. I have striped mine. I have a rear fender with evidence of striping on it. There is about 1/2" -3/4" variation of the distance of the stripes from the fender edge from one side to the other. I don't think the original striping was as precise as we tend to do it.

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