From:Rick Yamane
Subject:RE: RE: Need advice on Brake lining material Date:Mon Dec 30 13:38:01 2019
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I agree with Kris. I had to replace linings on our '28 HD
and used woven linings. Modern linings are made for
heavier more heat resistant drums. The old bikes use a
softer lining so they don't eat up drums.
I went to these guys in NJ even though I'm in CA. Good
turnaround time, seemed to be good pricing and very good
overall service.


Nik, not sure where you are from but I can help you with
what I have used on MANY
different bikes from the teens and later. This material
is a woven product with fine
brass "hair". It works very well as it is soft and grabs
well on both band and brake
shoe applications. Recently I used it on a 1920 Henderson
and also a 1940 Indian
4. The only downside is it doesn't last as long as hard
newer material but who
cares. I'd much rather have a brake that works for
thousands of miles. A shop in
Lincoln NE is where they can fix you up.

Hi all,
I'm relining the rear brake on my '19 Henderson.
Found several different grades available in Mcmaster-
I'm not sure which would be the be the best choice.
Any recommendations would be appreciated (even outside
Mcmaster, I'm not
associated with them).

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