Subject:RE: Need advice on Brake lining material Date:Sun Dec 29 11:38:48 2019
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Nik, not sure where you are from but I can help you with what I have used on MANY
different bikes from the teens and later. This material is a woven product with fine
brass "hair". It works very well as it is soft and grabs well on both band and brake
shoe applications. Recently I used it on a 1920 Henderson and also a 1940 Indian
4. The only downside is it doesn't last as long as hard newer material but who
cares. I'd much rather have a brake that works for thousands of miles. A shop in
Lincoln NE is where they can fix you up.

Hi all,
I'm relining the rear brake on my '19 Henderson.
Found several different grades available in Mcmaster-Carr.
I'm not sure which would be the be the best choice.
Any recommendations would be appreciated (even outside Mcmaster, I'm not
associated with them).

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