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Subject:RE: RE: Deluxe front end Date:Fri Dec 20 11:06:53 2019
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OK, I'm thinking this description is for a KJ fork, not
Deluxe, am I missing something?

I did a search for "fork" on this board and found a number
of suggestions. The one below was from Ian Davidson and
worked well for me. We wrapped the springs in a heavy
blanket just in case they let loose, but it was actually
quite simple.

From IAN:

Assemble the complete fork on the frame with
handlebars,but not the fender. Assemble the front spring
barrel with yoke and install pin.tape up the front edge of
the spring perches to protect the finish with duct tape or
some fairly heavy rubber.Swing the front spring fork up
pointing the rocker end straight up ,install springs with
bumpers in the spring fork socket and swinging the front leg
down install both springs simultaneously.It works
effortlessly ,but there is considerable pressure on the
upper spring perches during the loading of the springs thus
the protective you can put the front fender on w/
brake and other accessories.By the way the slot between the
three reinforcing ribs in the rear leg are strategically
placed to allow for a 1/2 wrench to tighten the fender
attaching nut. Ian>>>>>>>


I have ask this before with no luck so I will try again.
I have the two springs to install for the front suspension
on my Deluxe. Everyone says it is a tough job. Was it tough
for the factory in 1925? Must be a fixture "tool" to do
this. Any drawings of one or did someone out there make a
tool that makes this job more simple.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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