From:Gene Harper
Subject:Deluxe fork springs Date:Wed Oct 16 11:53:47 2019
Working on having new springs made up for the Deluxe and series 20 X forks. The original springs are made of flat wire. A reproduction set is available but is made of round wire with fewer turns but is still much too stiff. I'm searching for detailed measurements on both springs and there seems to be a blip in the measurements on the rebound spring, hoping for some more details.

First off, I researched the part #'s and found the following:
K model and Deluxe parts books all list the same part numbers for the springs as follows:
K-6647 Main spring (long)
K-6646 Rebound spring (short)

The Series 20-24 X parts list shows the following:
XK-6647 Main spring (long)
XK-6646 Rebound spring (short)

Excelsior only parts have a prefix of X. Henderson only parts have a prefix of K, or other letters. Parts common to both have an XK prefix. Based on this, I believe the Series 20 X, K model and Deluxe all used the same springs in the fork. This makes sense as the sales brochures of the era make a big deal out of the fact that the entire front end assembly is interchangeable between the Henderson and the Excelsior.

I've received measurements for a few different springs and the main springs seem to be very close in length and wire size. However the rebound spring from my series 20 is made of a much thinner flat wire, which makes the spring much softer. Possible this was a fluke in manufacturing, or maybe a different spring for some reason.

So, here is are a couple questions:

1: Does anyone know if different springs were made for these models, possibly sidecar use?
2: Can anyone share dimensions on any original springs that you may have laying about. Specific dimensions I'm looking for on both springs are:
*Overall relaxed height
*Outside and inside diameters
*Flat wire width
*Flat wire thickness

Any help is appreciated!

Feel free to contact me directly if you prefer.

Gene Harper

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