Subject:Excelsior Big X parts wanted Date:Wed Oct 9 03:22:20 2019
Hi, recently got a Big X project and have found these bits missing. Much appreciated if anyone can help with parts or leads on some.
Thanks, Rob.

Handlebars - or just the triple tree casting so I can bend some tube
Gearshift lever, linkages and rods
Timing lever, linkages and rods
1x footboard
Front hub and wheel - or hub only I can get a wheel made
Front axle
Rear hub/brake and wheel - again hub only would be good
Rear axle
Throttle and clutch handlebar levers, linkages, rods, grips
Seat - or just a wire would be a good start
Speedo/lights - (long shot finding these I imagine)
Chain/kicker guard
Push rods
Cam gears
Exhaust manifold, pipes and muffler
Inlet manifold
gear set - 2nd gear drive and driven in particular
valves and guides

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