Subject:1915 Excelsior twin parts wanted Date:Fri Sep 20 18:04:39 2019
Good day fellow restorers. I am looking for the following items to complete a restoration on a 1915 Excelsior twin
1. Transmission complete
2. Kicker arm
3. Rear fender- reproduction or original
4. Rear luggage rack- reproduction or original
5. Carburetor
6. Running boards and rubber inserts
7. Chain guard - reproduction or original
8. Handlebars
9. Front fork rockers
10. Exhaust complete with cast y
11. Clutch assembly
12. Intake pushrods (2)
As you know the 1915 has some specific one year only parts and if your not sure what you have please email me some photos and I have a friend who can help us identify.
Thanks for any help.
Ph: 306-221-7835

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