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Subject:RE: RE: RE: Engine/Frame numbers Date:Mon Sep 2 19:44:03 2019
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The Ballaks list is a good guide although ive found a few
numbers that dont align 100%, for instance my 1926 Super
X is SN#2957. Motor is original to the frame, frame is
1926 and engine has all the updates that occurred during
1925.Its also a low frame, which required the indents in
the tank, and a step down (dog leg) addaptor on the
intake manifold for carburettor to frame/tank clearance.
As far as im aware the low frame was new for 1926.

Ive found others bikes that have serial numbers earlier
than what the Ballaks list indicates, so it is fair to
say they rounded to the nearest hundred. Keep in mind
its possible that models ran concurrently in production
also (at least until old stock was used up).

Production of Super X was never high, around 500 units
for 1927 could well be correct. I would say that the
majority were exported judging by the numbers in Europe,
Australia and New Zealand. Finding a correct 1927 Super X
is rare, the electric switch and Speedometer where unique
to that year, as was the fork. The crankcases changed
during this period to include a drive side breather. So
many little changes from year to year, and within a year
with Super Xs. They were continually evolving.

How correct is the Ballaks engine numbers, some of the
years like 1927?
The list shows that only 500 were made, does not make any
sense. Note to
all, first post was not finished.

No, frame and engine number did not match. There is a
list of approximate
years for engine serial numbers (Ballaks). There is also
a single digit near
to the frame number that designated the year of
manufacture. Itís normally
on its side compared to frame number and often hard to
read. I will email
further details to you.

Did Excelsior Super X motorcycles have matching engine
and frame
numbers? Thanks

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