From:Bob Turek
Subject:RE: Deluxe 1927 Date:Tue Aug 6 12:12:53 2019
Response to:7116

The factory produced 2 models of Henderson and Super X for 1927. The early
models were announced in American Motorcyclist and Bicyclist Oct. 1926; the later
versions were covered in the Feb 1927 issue. The early model Henderson was
similar to the previous year, with a couple minor updated. The later model had
more extensive updates, including the new instrument panel and fender. You can
find more information and pictures in the issues of American Motorcyclist and
Bicyclist mentioned. Also, the models are described in American Excelsior and the
American Excelsior Supplement. The factory similarly had two model releases in
1928 and 1929.

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