From:Doug Strange
Subject:RE: RE: Paint Time Capsule Date:Tue Jul 30 21:34:42 2019
Response to:7120
The multiple entries stemmed from the code for robo
messages. It failed twice and when it finally went
through, all three attempts were there. Thank you Dave.

I stirred the can thoroughly with a popsicle stick until
I was sure everything was is suspension. It's very dark
but you can see the blue on the edges of my test panel.
Right now the panel is setting up in my shop.

The can of paint came from Charlie Cole's old Ace store
in Reading PA, so that can is nearly 100 years old, if
not already. Attached is a photo of when I was wiping
the brush out of paint. You can see the blue.


You must have been pleased Doug, it posted 3 times !
We'd be interested to see the results - and the color
card you did it from. Beware that old tins of paint can
settle out very determinedly, and can take a lot of
stirring to get all the ingredients back in the mix.

Henderson Blue/Ace Blue/Packard Blue/Royal Blue have been
discussed as colors for donkeys years, I'm surprised this
hasn't been done before ? I see that Chev did a Royal
Blue in the 1950s that seems a dark blue/black shade. ?

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