From:Doug Strange
Subject:Paint Time Capsule Date:Tue Jul 30 11:30:50 2019
I've been searching for a good paint code for Packard Blue for my 1921 Ace, when I remembered I had a small can of "Henderson Blue" from my Charlie Cole memorabilia. I shook the can and it was still good. So I took the risk of opening it and making a sample card for paint scanning. I re-sealed the can with wax when I closed it up again. I believe Packard Blue is correct for early Hendersons and Ace. One time when Steve Ciccalone was stranded at my place during a blizzard, we drank beer, ate steaks and compared NOS Ace and Henderson parts and the colors appeared to be identical. I would still like a good paint code for Ace just as a backup. Once I get the scan performed, I'll make the formula available to the group.

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