From:Mark Hunnibell
Subject:RE: Temp Hits 100 for Hunnibell's 100th Date:Sat Jul 6 21:40:35 2019
Response to:7110

Thank you so much for coming out!

I've already gotten to put faces and people and personalities to three names who I have "known" for a long time. Thanks to you and Mike Love for getting the word out. You did not get to see it, but fellow AA Captain Mark Treider rode his bike down from York PA just to meet us on the way. If I had not gotten lost (or rather if I had just listened to the honking horn of my support truck driver trying to alert me I was going the wrong way), Mark T would have picked us up outside Nottingham. But he continued to Daniels and then gave me the full safety rider treatment escort all the way to Gaithersburg.

By the way, MD 220 is a GREAT road. Yes, it is a three-lane divided highway, but the condition is great and I managed to keep the Red One cruising at 50-55 for the full 18 miles.

After enduring North Avenue in Baltimore... the ride after Daniels was a piece of cake!

Wondering about the weather tomorrow though.

Good thing is that the Henderson is an "all weather" machine.


Many of you have been following Mark Hunnibell's Across America By Motor-Cycle, commemorating C.K. Shepherd's 1919 trip across America. Now, in 2019, Mark is riding his 1919 Henderson along C.K.'s route.

100 years later, on a 100-year-old motorcycle...

Today, Saturday July 6, had Mark arriving at Daniel's Restaurant, a biker bar in Elkridge MD, a few miles south of Baltimore. I drove (car) up from Virginia to greet Mark, and managed to have a beer with him before he set out for his next destination.

When I got in my car to leave, the "outside temp" gauge read 100 F. Apparently, Mother Nature decided good things come in threes.

Check out Mark's progress:

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