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First thing would be to identify what period itís from. Picture and engine
number will help, but keep in mind engines are easy to change and itís
common to find the engine to be of a different year to the rest of the bike.

Does it have a gearbox? 1915 onward had a gearbox, prior to that it was
pedalling gear.

Leaf spring front end from 1912 until the Series 20 came out with coil
plunger front end in late 1919. 1915 and series 16 have right side gear
shifter, Series 17 onward are left side shifter. From the Series 18 onward
the frame tube below the tank was bolted in and removable.

If itís pre 1915 twin the decompressor mechanism protrudes through the
face of the timing gear cover, 1915 onward has it vertical from the top of the
crankcase in between the cylinders but set forward toward the timing cover.

Engine numbers are on all years, if you can provide that I can give you a
good indication of what model it is. The Ballaks list on this forum will give
you an indication of year. Frames all have a number as do gearboxes. Iíve
started a list of gearbox numbers but it isnít comprehensive enough for
definitive year determination as yet. From Series 18 onward there is a
single digit below the frame number (which is on the forging behind the
seat post). The single digit below frame number designates the year of
manufacture. Forks and clutch (from Series 19 onward) also have serial
numbers but no list is available to determine year from these parts.

In terms of new parts youíre choices are limited. Some engine parts for
Series 17 onward are available from Antique Bike in Sweden, Matt Smith
has some clutch and misc parts, and Vintage Steel in Western Australia do
repro guards (fenders).

I will email you my contact details, Iíll try to help you out wherever I can.
Excelsiors are a bit of a passion of mine!

Hi, Iím looking at an Excelcisor big twin and have a few questions. Did
Excelcisorís have a headstock numbers stamp that matched to the engine
case? Also how are the numbers decoded? How can you tell what year the
engine and frame are, and weíre both the frame and engine stamped as
matching numbers .
Iím also looking for some engine rebuild parts, pistons, bushings, roller
bearings, valves , springs, gaskets, etc, can anyone recommend some
sources for parts. Iím also looking for a source for the front original or
reproduction fender and some other misc parts, as well as a shop manual
and any other good reading material related to these beautiful motorcycles.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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