From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:BEWARE OF SCAM FOR SALE ADS Date:Fri May 24 13:16:23 2019

There are one or more people posting ads for beautiful examples of KJs and other rare bikes. The problem is that these people do not actually own the bikes, they just post photos they have copied from elsewhere on the Internet. It is easy to tell these scammers - they do not offer any contact information other than their email address.

In the near future, we will be changing the KJ Exchange to Forum-based software, like most other motorcycle websites. You will have to register to post on the Forums, and the site administrator will review each and every application for registration. If a registered user uses the Forums for nefarious purposes, the site administrator will ban the user from posting.

I developed the simple Exchange software about 25 years ago. The Internet was a friendly place back then, and people used it for the intended purposes. Today, things have changed. I apologize for the trouble it will cause you to register for the new Forums. The payback is that you will not be troubled by these scammers anymore.

Dave Hennessey